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Acidome 2.0 SMPlugins 

Multimedia \ Music Composers

The Acidome VST plugin provides an optimized set of useful features and a rich, juicy sound. The result is a synth that is pure fun to program. It will deliver aural pleasure immediately, where so many other synths of this kind require tedious fine tuning to produce even so-so results. Even though Acidome is based on the classic subtractive. Free download of Acidome 2.0, size 5.66 Mb.


Open Guitar 1.0 SMPlugins 

Multimedia \ Music Composers

Open Guitar was developed to be a VSTi plugin for accurate emulation of the beautiful sound of arpeggiated guitar chords in the first position of the fretboard (hence the "open" strings sound). Open Guitar can just do strums and arpeggios of an acoustic guitar, but it is customizable with the Soundbox with EQ controls. Notes range is from. Free download of Open Guitar 1.0, size 14.89 Mb.