Products of SoftecDesign, LLC

Unerase for NTFS 5.0 SoftecDesign, LLC 


"Unerase for NTFS" allows to recover files that have been deleted from NTFS volume without using "Recycle Bin". For example, files that have been deleted using Shift Delete key combination, through command prompt, by emptying "Recycle Bin" or programmatically. "Unerase for NTFS" also provides. Free download of Unerase for NTFS 5.0, size 1.93 Mb.


CyrKBD Keyboard Driver 5.0 SoftecDesign, LLC 


Keyboard driver “CyrKBD” provides maximum convenience for working with languages that use Cyrillic alphabet. “CyrKBD” offers a wide variety of useful features, such as an ability to create and modify custom keyboard layouts, dynamic reinitialization, active layout map view and many others that make your work. Free download of CyrKBD Keyboard Driver 5.0, size 1.95 Mb.

ADS Viewer 5.0 SoftecDesign, LLC 


In NTFS file system more than one data storage can be associated with single file name. Plus, those storages, called Alternate Data Streams, are virtually invisible because operating system doesn't have a tool which would show you that data. So, for example, if file has 2 bytes in it's default data stream and 2 Mbytes in alternate data. Freeware download of ADS Viewer 5.0, size 2.32 Mb.