Products of Softuarium

Multi-ZIP-licity 2.0 Softuarium 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Multi-ZIP-licity is a program for people working with multiple ZIP files. Its primary function is to extract files from multiple archives and create multiple archives. Program also includes extra tools designed to encrypt and decrypt files, list contents of a folder as text, change attributes of multiple files and securely shred files.. Free download of Multi-ZIP-licity 2.0, size 807.40 Kb.


PixTwix 6.03 Softuarium 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

PixTwix is an image processing library. Designed to work with standard components such as PictureBox or TImage, it features over 150 methods. Our main design goals were flexibility, power and ease of use. With only a few lines of code PixTwix can add following functions to your application: antialiasing, box, radial and tangential blurs, low pass,. Free download of PixTwix 6.03, size 1.10 Mb.

EDCrypt 3.1 Softuarium 

Development \ Visual Basic

Softuarium EDCrypt is an ActiveX control performing following functions: - encrypts and decrypts text and files using symmetrical ciphers: BLOWFISH, CAST128, GOST, RC2, RIJNDAEL, TWOFISH - computes hashes (message digests) of text and files using hashing algorithms: ADLER32, CRC32, CRC32B, GOST, HAVAL128, HAVAL160, HAVAL192, HAVAL224, HAVAL256,. Free download of EDCrypt 3.1, size 399.36 Kb.

XShow 4 Softuarium 

Development \ Visual Basic

XShow v4.0 is an ActiveX control designed to create transition effects between images. The control offers choice of over 100 transition effects. The following image formats are supported: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, EMF, WMF, DIB, PCD, PCX, PSD (single layer), PSP (single layer), TGA, TIF, TIFF. Control is able to display images in original size or. Free download of XShow 4, size 549.89 Kb.

Yamp 2.3 Softuarium 

Multimedia \ MP3 Tools

YAMP v2.3 is a complete, professional, easy and affordable solution for people working with audio data. It allows users to: easily extract tracks from audio CDs, create samplers of audio CDs, decode MP3 files to WAV format, quickly encode WAV files to MP3 format, tag MP3 files, play MP3 and WAV files, decode Ogg Vorbis files to WAV format, encode. Free download of Yamp 2.3, size 1.63 Mb.

Animatricks 2004.4 Softuarium 

Multimedia \ Animation

Animatricks is a program for creating movies from any static image, such as photograph, drawing or diagram. Most popular image formats are supported. It can be used to make business presentations, cartoons, educational aids, or bring life to your favourite images and photographs. Animations created by the program can be exported as MPEG video clips. Free download of Animatricks 2004.4, size 1.12 Mb.