Products of SoftWx, Inc.

VPLive SoftWx, Inc. 


VPLive is a software that connects to a Davis Vantage Pro 1 or 2 Weather Station console and displays the live data. It calculates the station pressure (i.e. actual pressure), altimeter pressure, and running averages needed to properly generate and send APRS/CWOP data. It can run WeatherLink at regular intervals to allow WeatherLink. Freeware download of VPLive, size 48.17 Mb.


VirtualVP SoftWx, Inc. 


VirtualVP is a software application that lets you connect up to 4 weather programs to a single Davis Vantage Pro 1 or 2 weather station (console or Envoy). Before you download and install VirtualVP, you may want to download the User's Guide (pdf file) and read at least the overview and appendix describing the various third party drivers. If. Free download of VirtualVP, size 2.20 Mb.