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Full Convert Enterprise 5.19 Spectral Core | metadata d.o.o. 

Business \ Note Tools

Full Convert provides powerful and comfortable way to convert data of many databases. Databases supported: Microsoft Access, dBase, FoxPro, Microsoft Excel, Interbase/Firebird, Lotus 1-2-3, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, SQL Server, Text files, ODBC, XML. Target database structure is displayed in tree-like browser with multiselect, allowing you to easily. Free download of Full Convert Enterprise 5.19, size 10.41 Mb.


OmegaSync 1.0 Spectral Core | metadata d.o.o. 

Home & Personal

This is the product to use when you want to explore all the differences in structure and data of your databases. You can even synchronize your databases in minutes, or save generated synchronization SQL script for later use. You can even. Free download of OmegaSync 1.0, size 15.18 Mb.

RapidQuery 1 1 Spectral Core | metadata d.o.o. 


Rapid cross-database query writing .The perfect SQL query and database management tool.It handles MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, Access, Firebird... A tool able to connect to plethora of databases, without having to install 3rd party libraries or ODBC/JDBC drivers. Rapid Query is a standalone application, with powerful autocomplete. Free download of RapidQuery 1 1, size 14.67 Mb.

Rapid Query 1 2 Spectral Core | metadata d.o.o. 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

Rapid Query is a database manager supporting Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle databases and ODBC sources. Rapid Query connects to each database using native protocols, so no libraries are required for it to work. SQL Editor provides lightning-fast and very advanced autocomplete as you type, saving keystrokes and time. Table and SQL. Free download of Rapid Query 1 2, size 10.60 Mb.