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Wahoo 1.1 SpinnerBaker Software 

Games \ Misc. Games

Wahoo is the original version of the popular board game which swept the United States over 40 years ago, and eventually became the trademarked games of Parcheesi, Aggravation, and Sorry. Wahoo was played on homemade boards with 16 marbles and 1 die. Because of its popularity and generic nature, the large game companys all changed Wahools appearance. Free download of Wahoo 1.1, size 437.25 Kb.


3dDom 2.0 SpinnerBaker Software 

Games \ Misc. Games

Ready for a not-so-fast-action 3D game? 3dDom is classic draw Dominoes with a 3D twist, played against the computer. Version 2.0 offers 1 to 3 computer opponants, voices and skill level settings for all the computer players, 6 different domino sets (registered version only), 5 background colors, and better looking dominoes. You can save and reopen. Free download of 3dDom 2.0, size 1.27 Mb.

FilePeek 3.4 SpinnerBaker Software 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

FilePeek is the file viewer that Windows should have given you, but didn't. QuickView is way too slow, balks at formats it doesn't know, and truncates text at the first binary data. FilePeek will view the text in any file, no matter what kind of file it is, and very quickly. FilePeek converts non-displayable characters to a dot ( . ) and therefore,. Free download of FilePeek 3.4, size 296.96 Kb.

TrayCap 2.3 SpinnerBaker Software 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

TrayCap is the screen capture and image file viewing and converting utility, that's always handy, but never in the way! TrayCap views and converts many image file formats, and adds a shortcut to Windows Explorer's context menu for viewing images from Explorer. TrayCap will open (view) image files of these types: .png, .jpg, .jpe, .jpeg, .bmp, .tga,. Free download of TrayCap 2.3, size 676.86 Kb.

MeshX 2.4 SpinnerBaker Software 

Multimedia \ Misc. Multimedia Tools

MeshX is a 3D modelling program, for creating, viewing, editing, and saving DirectX X files. It can be used to create and edit models for use in 3D programming, or just to create great 3D art. There are three lights which you can move and adjust, and you can capture the DirectX window to a bitmap file at any time. You can switch to full screen mode. Free download of MeshX 2.4, size 1.80 Mb.

Dom2000 3 SpinnerBaker Software 

Games \ Board Games

Dom2000 is classic draw Dominoes, played against 1 to 3 computer opponants. It has sound and speed settings, seven different background colors, custom create your own background color, seven different domino sets, skill level settings for the computer players, and other options. Each computer player now has his/her own voice. Draw Dominoes is a. Free download of Dom2000 3, size 368.64 Kb.

Icon Clock 5.5 SpinnerBaker Software 

Utilities \ Clocks

Icon Clock is a great looking digital alarm clock which doesn't take over your screen. Icon Clock will now let you use any kind of sound files for its alarm, reminder, and chimes sounds! It also has two registration options, and new colors. Choose from four different clock faces, create your own colors for the time display and background (Deluxe. Free download of Icon Clock 5.5, size 442.37 Kb.