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ServiceDesk Lite 2020 2.0 Spinso 

Business \ Applications

ServiceDesk Lite is a free complaint management software for light usage. It is absolutely free for life without any limitations. You can create up to 3 free users. It is a windows based simple & ready to use complaint management application. ServiceDesk Lite has basic yet all core features to effectively manage service complaints right. Freeware download of ServiceDesk Lite 2020 2.0, size 8.91 Mb.


TimeTracker Enterprise Edition 1 4 Spinso 


Ideal for medium and large enterprise, Timetracker automates and simplifies the time, expense and leave management process which otherwise is a challenging task for project managers and coordinators to track and maintain such details. Time tracker enterprise also gives you flexibility to configure and access data across multiple branches.

Organizer 2011 Bill Basic Edition 8.0 Spinso 


Organizer 2011 Bill Basic Edition offers track complaints and invoices suitable for individuals. Organizer Service CRM Basic Edition is useful for complaint management such as assigning the complaint to the technician, tracking the status of the complaints, generating invoice or billing the customers.. Free download of Organizer 2011 Bill Basic Edition 8.0, size 6.48 Mb.