Products of SRS Labs, Inc.

SRS AudioFusion 2.0.0800 SRS Labs, Inc. 


SRS AudioFusion DivX Edition plug-in provides the ultimate listening experience for music, movies, podcasts and even your favorite web video sites. With natural and engaging surround sound, immersive 3D audio, and deep, rich bass; you’ll notice the SRS difference after just one listen. Utilizing patented state-of-the-art SRS. Free download of SRS AudioFusion 2.0.0800, size 15.32 Mb.


SRS HD Audio Lab 1.0.7100 SRS Labs, Inc. 


Compatible with virtually every PC-based media player, HAL is the ultimate audio enhancement software suite for the PC. HAL allows the user to select audio content (e.g. music, movie or game) and then choose the speaker type (eg: headphone, internal notebook speakers or external speakers) to dial in amazing sound tailored for your. Freeware download of SRS HD Audio Lab 1.0.7100, size 58.38 Mb.