Products of Static Line Interactive, Inc.

Landing Pattern 1.4.1021 Static Line Interactive, Inc. 

Home & Personal

Landing Pattern allows you to fly a simulated ram-air parachute in different wind conditions. It employs state of the art aerodynamic simulation. Parachute behaves realistically, based on your inputs and current weather conditions. Experiment with flat and normal turns. Learn how to land on target following a safe and predictable. Free download of Landing Pattern 1.4.1021, size 34.85 Mb.


Canopy Glide 1.2.863 Static Line Interactive, Inc. 

Home & Personal

Canopy Glide is a simulator for a ram-air parachute that lets you face the challenges of flying the final leg of a landing approach. You control the virtual parachute! Learn how to use your brakes, rear risers, and front risers to master your landings. Prepare yourself for challenging landings before you leave the ground. The knowledge of how to. Free download of Canopy Glide 1.2.863, size 27.08 Mb.