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SWShowPermissions New Stefan Walter 

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SWShowPermissions is a SharePoint plugin that includes a treeview web part designed to iterate over all webs in a site collection and indicates whether the logged in user has permissions on it or not. . Free download of SWShowPermissions New, size 0 b.


SWCustomRibbon Stefan Walter 

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SWCustomRibbon is a SharePoint web part designed to enable you to create your own ribbon tab, groups and buttons with no programming knowledge. For each button you can specify a text, an image and an URL to jump to after a click. Both for the groups as well as for the buttons, you can set the order. The tab, the groups and the buttons. Free download of SWCustomRibbon, size 0 b.

SWPictureComments Stefan Walter 

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SWPictureComments is a SharePoint web part designed to enable you to write comments to pictures within a picturelibary. The feature adds a custom action, a list and application page to accomplish that. When you activate the feature it searches a specific custom list, and if the list isn't there it will be generated. In your. Free download of SWPictureComments, size 0 b.