Products of T800 Productions

RegJump T800 Productions 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

RegJump is a handy and reliable command line application designed to enable you to quickly navigate to a given registry key. . Free download of RegJump, size 0 b.


Winamp Playlist Preview T800 Productions 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Winamp Playlist Preview is an easy to use application which provides a small Explorer shell extension that adds infotip preview of PLS, M3U and M3U8 music playlists. . Free download of Winamp Playlist Preview, size 0 b.

C++ Header Guard 1.0 T800 Productions 

Development \ C and C++

The C++ Header Guard application was designed to be a small, easy to use tool that lets you create unique preprocessor definitions to prevent multiple header file inclusion.. Free download of C++ Header Guard 1.0, size 83.89 Kb.

Navigation Pane XP T800 Productions 

Desktop \ Desktop Tools

Navigation Pane XP allows you to display the Favorites or Folders pane on the left of the Explorer window, just like in the latest Windows versions. It is a Windows Explorer add-on that saves you one tedious click every time. Optionally, it keeps keyboard focus on the file list so you can navigate files by keyboard uninterrupted.

Display Power Saver 2.8.2 T800 Productions 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Display Power Saver is a handy and reliable utility designed to save energy when you're away from the computer. . Free download of Display Power Saver 2.8.2, size 0 b.

CBX Shell 4. 6. 2002 T800 Productions 


Windows Explorer does not show the thumbnail preview of all image and video formats. CBX Shell is designed to easily change file extensions between ZIP/RAR and CBZ/CBR. CBX Shell provides Windows Explorer thumbnail and info tip extensions for image archives.. Freeware download of CBX Shell 4. 6. 2002, size 92.20 Mb.

File Extension Column T800 Productions 


This application displays file extensions in details view. You can manualy change the default file so that next time when you restart your computer and open Windows Explorer you can fix the extension of files stored in your computer directy next to name column.. Freeware download of File Extension Column, size 38.31 Mb.

Change File Extension Shell Menu 2. 8. 2006 T800 Productions 


The Change File Extension Shell Menu is a powerful and reliable program with an easy to use interface that helps you to change file extension. You can rename one file extension, selected files, or all files in any folder. You just place all the files with extension that you want to change into the "Process" folder in the same. Freeware download of Change File Extension Shell Menu 2. 8. 2006, size 65.96 Mb.