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Astro Avenger 2 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Misc. Games

In Astro Avenger 2 it's the end of the 24th century and mankind has entered its second Golden Age. But the sudden emergence of a hostile alien fleet has called into question our prosperous future. Astro Avenger 2 is the stunning sequel to the classic shooter that raises the bar higher than you've ever seen!. Free download of Astro Avenger 2, size 35.03 Mb.


Race Cars Extreme Rally TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Sports

Jump in and get behind the wheel of some of the world's fastest cars with Race Cars Extreme Rally! This fabulous 3D game will push your racing skills to the limit. With 12 lightning fast cars to choose from, a huge number of powerups and over 50 different tournaments to compete in, Race Cars Extreme Rally offers a truely top notch racing. Free download of Race Cars Extreme Rally, size 23.80 Mb.

BrickShooter Online 1.5.2002 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Misc. Games is the online version of BrickShooter you can play right in your browser. BrickShooter supports all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Since it's cross-platform you can enjoy BrickShooter in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or any other operating system. Also, you can play on your. Freeware download of BrickShooter Online 1.5.2002, size 1.58 Mb.

The Rise of Atlantis 1.0 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Arcade Style

Find a way to bring the legendary continent of Atlantis back to the surface and restore it to its might. In this extraordinary puzzle game with spectacular new features, handy bonuses and explosive power-ups you set out on an adventurous quest around the ancient lands of Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt, Carthage and Rome to gather the seven. Free download of The Rise of Atlantis 1.0, size 18.87 Mb.

Brickshooter Egypt 32.0 TERMINAL Studio 


Brickshooter: Egypt is a puzzle game developed by Terminal Studios. The game is based on their famous Brickshooter formula. Although it does include a match-three formula, the game is totally different from other puzzle games. The brickshooter formula consist of a few bricks of different colors surrounded by a wall of bricks randomly organized. You. Free download of Brickshooter Egypt 32.0, size 11.50 Mb.

Bubble Bobble World 1.7 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Kids Games

Bubble Bobble World is a remake of a popular classic game Bubble Bobble. You get to play as one of the two little dragons named Bub and Bob. The action takes place in a totally new world filled with cunning and insidious monsters with a mission to cut their journey short. But they have a magic ability to blow bubbles which can entangle their. Free download of Bubble Bobble World 1.7, size 3.15 Mb.

Race Cars The Extreme Rally TERMINAL Studio 


Race Cars: The Extreme Rally is an arcade racing game developed by Terminal Studio. The game is played from a top-down, third-person view. However, you also have different camera modes. The game somehow resembles to old racer games where you got a bird's eye view of the track when you race it. It is really simple: you just have to use the four. Free download of Race Cars The Extreme Rally, size 0 b.

Arcadia: the Fun Country 1.0 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Arcade Style

Arcadia is the pack of arcade-style games from TERMINAL Studio. Enjoy by modern remakes of well-known Snake and Xonix games titled as Worm 2000 and Discovera or try new amazing LawnMower game. Each game from this pack will bring you tons of fun.. Free download of Arcadia: the Fun Country 1.0, size 7.37 Mb.

Discovera 1.8 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Arcade Style

Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgetable journey because Discovera will take you wherever you want to go. Ever been to Cairo, Venice, Rome? Here is a chance to see these great ancient cities. Ever wanted to be a movie star or a cartoon hero? You get this chance too. This game will take you to the bottom of the ocean, outer space, a gloomy. Free download of Discovera 1.8, size 3.34 Mb.

Arkanoid 2000 1.9 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Arcade Style

The game Arkanoid 2000 - is an all-known classic break-out clone remake with many brand-new features. Goal is one - destroy all bricks with ball to complete each round.The game contains 3 episodes with 20 rounds each, 3 skill levels for each episode - it means 180 game rounds total!More than 10 types of bonuses, more than 30 brick skins, several. Free download of Arkanoid 2000 1.9, size 1.48 Mb.

3D Morphing Balls ScreenSaver 1.0 TERMINAL Studio 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

This screensaver shows on your screen various three-dimensional shapes (polyhedrons) rotating and morphing one to another.There are 20 shapes - cube, sphere, torus, tetrahedron, octahedron and others. The edges of shapes are constructed from small balls.You may choose color and size of balls, change axis and speed of rotation.In further versions we. Free download of 3D Morphing Balls ScreenSaver 1.0, size 387.07 Kb.

Discovera Pro 1.0 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Arcade Style

This is an advanced version of the popular Discovera game, which is based on the xonix concept. You have to be quick and skillful to get through this one alive. The insidious enemies are on your tail, looking to destroy you and put an end to your quest. Many new features have been added to this release, including newest unique sets of pictures for. Free download of Discovera Pro 1.0, size 6.38 Mb.

3D BioMolecula Pack 1.0 TERMINAL Studio 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

This program is an unique combination of two other programs - screensaver and desktop wallpaper generator.Wallpaper generator creates custom Desktop Wallpapers for your PC every time when Windows starts. Real 3D models of biological molecules in random position are shown on wallpaper image.The screensaver shows the same 3D models of biological. Free download of 3D BioMolecula Pack 1.0, size 626.69 Kb.

StarMadness 1.4 TERMINAL Studio 

Games \ Arcade Style

Star Madness is an arcade game, cool remake of the classical space shooters such as Astro Fire or Star Control. Make you way through the fierce battles with your friends and with the improved computer players! Up to five ships can be selected to each players team and up to four players can take part in the multiplayer game. Star Madness has. Free download of StarMadness 1.4, size 1.27 Mb.

BioMolecula 3D ScreenSaver 1.1 TERMINAL Studio 

Desktop \ Screen Savers

This screensaver shows real 3D models of biological molecules in dynamics. Your screen will look like screens of computers in science fiction films! You may choose one molecule from six available, rotation axis and speed.Six molecules are available in the current version: four prototypes of DNA (Deoxyribonucleis Acid - storage of genetics. Free download of BioMolecula 3D ScreenSaver 1.1, size 432.13 Kb.