Products of TerraGame

Kremlin Puzzle 3D 1.6 TerraGame 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Kremlin Puzzle is a beautifil 3D constructor game. It can serve as an exciting meccano for both kids and adults.There are six nice objects, prototyped from Moscow Kremlin theme - few Kremlin Towers, Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon. They are divided into pieces, from which you have to assemble the whole object in 3D space. Convenient intuitive interface. Free download of Kremlin Puzzle 3D 1.6, size 3.30 Mb.


Creatures Albian Years TerraGame 


Creatures: The Albian Years is a special package, which includes two original games- Creatures and Creatures 2. You play as a distant governor of a beautiful world called Albia. The planet consists of big variety of locations inhabited by lovely creatures.. Free download of Creatures Albian Years, size 0 b.

SeaWar The Battleship 2 54 TerraGame 

Games \ Strategy

SeaWar: The Battleship is the hottest and coolest 3D battleship game ever made. It looks like beautiful toy and leaves desire to play again and again. Fine tuned ships sway among smoothly moving sea waves. Outburst at left, ahead and sudden bright explosion in the middle of ship.. A puffs of smoke and dead ship-frame at the end - it's the greatest!. Free download of SeaWar The Battleship 2 54, size 3.69 Mb.

TerraGame Toolbar 6 7 TerraGame 


TerraGame Toolbar keeps you up to date with newest PC games, read original software reviews, listen to favorite internet radio and chat with your friends. With TerraGame Toolbar you can add your favorite apps to your browser with Conduit Engine.. Freeware download of TerraGame Toolbar 6 7, size 2.15 Mb.

Live Billiards 2 7 TerraGame 

Games \ Simulations

The newest version of the world's leader pool game released. Now you can play with computer and listen to his uncommon and extraordinary comments as you play... Tuned ball physics, new Ivory ball set and 5 extra cues bring even more attraction to the gameplay. Smooth cue shots, realistic ball movements, the play of light on ivory and bronze, full. Free download of Live Billiards 2 7, size 20.53 Mb.

Munch a Bunch 1 91 TerraGame 

Games \ Arcade Style

Discover Munch a Bunch that is new fascinating fun for entire family! The evil wizard has turned a lovely boy, named Quty into furry creature as punishment for excessive passion for sweets. The only way to break the spell is to travel throughout Cake Planets and eat all the sweets scattered around. Your task is to help our hero in his adventure. Free download of Munch a Bunch 1 91, size 5.85 Mb.