Products of Thanos Cardgames

Cicera 2.0.0 Thanos Cardgames 


Cicera is an Italian fishing card game which is played in the province of Brescia. There are four players, two against two in fixed partnerships. You score one point when you play a card which captures the all table cards, leaving the table empty and one point if you capture the card just played by the player to the left by playing a card of the. Freeware download of Cicera 2.0.0, size 2.93 Mb.


Chinese Ten 1.0.0 Thanos Cardgames 


Chinese Ten is played with a standard 52-card pack. The number of cards dealt to players varies depending on how many are playing. For a game with two players, each player gets twelve cards. For a game with three players, each player gets eight cards. You may play it against 1,2 or 3 opponents, with the first option being the most challenging. Freeware download of Chinese Ten 1.0.0, size 3.24 Mb.

Kaluki 1.0.0 Thanos Cardgames 


In this game the players try to lay down their 13 cards by forming them into sets of equal ranked cards and run of consecutive cards of a suit. The hand is won by the first player who melds all their cards in this way. All the other players score penalty points for the cards remaining in their hands. Anyone who accumulates more than 150 penalty. Freeware download of Kaluki 1.0.0, size 3.17 Mb.

Cirulla 1.0 Thanos Cardgames 


Cirulla is played in Genoa, Liguria and low Piemonte, Italy. It is played with a French suited Italian deck of 40 cards, of the Genoese pattern. Cirulla is a variation of the classic game of Scopa. It is played by two players or four in partnerships (partners sitting opposite). It combines various characteristics of Scopa and Scopa di Quindici,. Freeware download of Cirulla 1.0, size 2.65 Mb.

Back Alley 1.0 Thanos Cardgames 


This is a suite of two plain trick taking games, played in the US army, dating back to WW-II and Vietnam War. In Vietnam War Back Alley (or Back Alley Bridge), there are four players in fixed partnerships. It is used a standard 52 card pack with two distinguishable jokers, big and little, which are the highest trumps.. Freeware download of Back Alley 1.0, size 2.92 Mb.

Three Kings 1.0.0 Thanos Cardgames 


Three Kings is a fishing card game in which the players try to get three Kings to use it as a scoring bonus. Four cards are dealt to each player, and four are turned face up on the table. To start each turn, a player draws a card. Then, if he can form a set of three cards, one from his hand and two from the table, of which two add up to the third,. Freeware download of Three Kings 1.0.0, size 2.92 Mb.

Panguingue 1.0.0 Thanos Cardgames 


In this game each player draws a card and the lowest card deals the first hand and has the choice of seats. If two or more players tie for low, they draw again. Other players take seats at random. The rotation of dealing and playing is to the right, not to the left as in most games. The first hand is therefore the player on the dealer's right.. Freeware download of Panguingue 1.0.0, size 3.12 Mb.

Diloti 2 3 Thanos Cardgames 


Diloti is a very popular game in Greece. It shares the same principles to the Casino but it requires more sophisticated play by reducing the luck involvement. Capturing, building and sweeps are present here too. Sweeps count as 10 points instead of one. Players have to remember well the cards that have passed. There is also a slightly different. Freeware download of Diloti 2 3, size 3.53 Mb.

Koum Kan 1.0 Thanos Cardgames 


Koum Kan is a rummy game from Greece which can be played here by from two to four players. Through drawing and discarding, the players try to meld (lay down) their 10 cards by forming them into sets of equal ranked cards and runs of consecutive cards of a suit. The hand is won by the first player who melds all their cards in this way - this is. Freeware download of Koum Kan 1.0, size 3.03 Mb.

Big Two 1.0 Thanos Cardgames 


The object of the Big Two game is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards, by playing them to the table. The cards can be played singly or in certain combinations. If you cannot be first to play all your cards, then your aim is to have as few cards as possible when another player finishes.. Freeware download of Big Two 1.0, size 2.68 Mb.