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Smart Construction Calculator 1.1.1 Tod LLC 

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Easily work with fractions and convert units automatically. Add 5/32 inch to 1/8 inch and see the result in either fractional or decimal form. Convert 5 lbs to kilograms, or mix and match units by adding feet to meters. This app is extremely flexible and sophisticated, yet very simple to use. There is no "convert" button. There. Free download of Smart Construction Calculator 1.1.1, size 943.72 Kb.


Smart Currency Calculator 1.2.1 Tod LLC 

Mobile \ Travel

The intelligent currency converter that works like a normal calculator. Conversions happen automatically. You can even do math while mixing and matching currencies... add 10 dollars to 20 euros, and show the result in yen! You'll be amazed by how simple and intuitive it is. But it gets even better! The Smart Currency Calculator isn't. Free download of Smart Currency Calculator 1.2.1, size 943.72 Kb.

Chameleon Calculator 1.6.5 Tod LLC 

Mobile \ Productivity

Chameleon Calculator is a full featured calculator construction kit and a powerful calculator. Design a calculator just the way you want it. Customize the font, colors, functions, sizes, buttons, and more. Share your calculators, or download more for free from Create a calculator with the buttons in just the right order, or. Free download of Chameleon Calculator 1.6.5, size 2.20 Mb.

Hockey Stats Tracker for Developing Players 1.2 Tod LLC 

Mobile \ Sports

Track your developing hockey player's most critical stats, like shift times and shots, without taking your eyes off the game. Please read on for important instructions and information. Player Stats lets you easily track shift times, plus/minus, and types of shots for a single player during the course of a game. These highly individual. Free download of Hockey Stats Tracker for Developing Players 1.2, size 524.29 Kb.

1984 Calculator 1.3 Tod LLC 

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Calculate in style with this blast from the past. This calculator was designed (but not coded) by you-know-who for the original Macintosh, and remained part of the Mac OS virtually unchanged for nearly two decades. Go to to learn more about this fascinating bit of computing history.. Freeware download of 1984 Calculator 1.3, size 524.29 Kb.

Egg Timer & Stopwatch 1.2 Tod LLC 

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Realistic egg timer and stopwatch. Rotate the timer with two fingers, or use the Settings menu to set the time. Stopwatch counts milliseconds. Beautiful backgrounds include leather, carbon fiber, and wood.. Free download of Egg Timer & Stopwatch 1.2, size 7.44 Mb.

Hyper Calc 4.3 Tod LLC 

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Features include: 8 themes, Algebraic Mode, RPN Mode, Fixed Point or Floating Point, Sound, 10 Memory Registers, International Decimals, Help, choice of Small or Large size on iPad.. Free download of Hyper Calc 4.3, size 5.35 Mb.

Random Stock Picker - Diversify Your Portfolio 1.1 Tod LLC 

Mobile \ Finance

Can a monkey throwing darts beat the top money managers in the country? Test the random walk hypothesis yourself with this handy random stock picker. I had always been a careful investor, researching companies' fundamentals, studying the market, trying my best to predict long term trends, and even. Freeware download of Random Stock Picker - Diversify Your Portfolio 1.1, size 3.46 Mb.