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TrueConf Server 4.1.0 TrueConf LLC 

Internet \ Chat Tools

Software-based video conferencing server TrueConf Server is designed for group videoconferencing for up to 250 participants in the private networks (LAN/VPN) and over the Internet. Full HD (1080p) format is available. Video conferencing software TrueConf Server is a unified communications platform, providing the support of client. Free download of TrueConf Server 4.1.0, size 73.93 Mb.


TrueConf Gateway 3.2.1 TrueConf LLC 

Internet \ Server

TrueConf Gateway is a useful application that can enable a VCT device to use the h.323 or SIP protocol in order to connect to the TrueConf Server. The application allows you to configure the connection settings in order to quickly connect using the Video Conference Terminal. When you use this application you can connect to other TrueConf. Free download of TrueConf Gateway 3.2.1, size 0 b.

TrueConf Online 6.2.3 TrueConf LLC 

Internet \ Misc. Internet

Easy-to-use, video conferencing software that works with most personal computers and web cameras. Its advanced network support allows connections when both users are behind a firewall and even works through HTTPS and SOCKS proxies. The software provides superior video conferencing quality and provides a noise reduction feature for. Free download of TrueConf Online 6.2.3, size 7.48 Mb.

Video Conferencing Server TrueConf Server 3.3.0 TrueConf LLC 

Internet \ Server

A video conferencing server is an ideal solution for medium and large businesses, especially if employees are located in different offices or even in different towns or countries. TrueConf Server makes it possible to hold remote video conferences easily and reliably. It works either over a local area network or the Internet. It provides various. Free download of Video Conferencing Server TrueConf Server 3.3.0, size 18.65 Mb.