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BoostActiveProgram TryWare90Days 

Utilities \ Optimizers & Diagnostics

As you know it's a common problem that your computer becomes slower and slower after using it some months. With BoostActiveProgram you can run games and programs faster by automatically setting the priority to High in the Windows Task Manager for the current active game or program, and resetting the earlier boosted programs back to. Free download of BoostActiveProgram, size 19.00 Mb.


SilentSwitchFinder TryWare90Days 

Development \ Setup Utilities

No matter what Management System you are using, SilentSwitchFinder automatically analyses and detects which installer type is being used, and creates basic Microsoft vbScript Install() and UnInstall() functions with the silent switches, and adds a lot of extra options and explanations to the vbScript. SilentSwitchFinder detects most of. Freeware download of SilentSwitchFinder, size 82.71 Mb.

PsPadEditorCapaLib TryWare90Days 

Utilities \ Text Editors

vbScript Editor with 10.000 vbScript syntax validated function lines, compatible with the Management System from You can e.g. type sy, and press CTRL Space, and select Sys BreakthruMsgBox, 13. Free download of PsPadEditorCapaLib, size 82.71 Mb.