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Droid Crisis 1.0 TZO Technical Supprt LTD 


The droid uprising is your new crisis. It is time to take to the streets of Earth and to the remote outposts of far away planets to destroy the endless hordes of droids threatening mankind. You will be armed with the best available weaponry. You will eventually have the use of five high-powered weapons. These include your standard pistol, a machine. Freeware download of Droid Crisis 1.0, size 3.38 Mb.


Crossing Cup 1.0 TZO Technical Supprt LTD 

Games \ Sports

This fun little flash game lets you play a little soccer at any time. The overall concept is very simple, yet there are plenty of little details to master. Each game will take the shape of a full world cup tournament with 32 available teams. You can pick which country you want to play for and show a little bit of your personal loyalties in the game. Freeware download of Crossing Cup 1.0, size 2.90 Mb.