Products of Valentine Verchenko

Antivirus Tank 1.5.0 Valentine Verchenko 

Games \ Arcade Style

The tank fighting against viruses on the transparent screen. The viruses are created of your screen. An icons, a labels, a words and other things turn into a live spiders. The viruses jump on your tanks and begin to build the spider web. The virus drag your tank and fasten it to a skull on the post. The aim of the game is to kill a verus boss. The. Freeware download of Antivirus Tank 1.5.0, size 655.09 Kb.


The Tanks Valentine Verchenko 

Games \ Arcade Style

The tank battle on the transparent screen. After each successful fight against the computer, the level of the game goes up. The higher is the level the clever is the computer: the tank of the computer dodges a blow, shoots more often, better takes aim etc.. Freeware download of The Tanks, size 81.92 Kb.

Rose 1.1.6 Valentine Verchenko 

Games \ Puzzle

It is the game of the blooming flowers and building the lines (rectangles, crosses, corners, snakes, trapeziums, shoes ... - 18 figures). There are hundreds the additional pictures and several colour backgrounds.Games:1)Simple lines - classik. The aim of the game is to get pleasure from the flowers and to gain maximum scores.2)Double game -. Free download of Rose 1.1.6, size 1.42 Mb.