Products of VenusSoft Corporation

NetSNSOR VenusSoft Corporation 

Internet \ Network Monitors

NetSNSOR is a internet connection checker and can execute files and/or play WAV if internet connection not found. Features: 1. Completely portable (no installation, run it from your pendrive!). 2. Simple to use (no need to be a geek to use it). 3. Small size (just 30kB download). 4. Pretty interface. 5. Can run in background. 6. Log is saved in. Freeware download of NetSNSOR, size 31.74 Kb.


TheCalcMan 1.1 VenusSoft Corporation 

Utilities \ Calculators

99% of the users use calculators for doing simple calculations.And most use the Windows Calculator.How do you use it:You first type the first number from the keyboard. It causes annoyance to move your hand from keyboard to. Freeware download of TheCalcMan 1.1, size 19.68 Kb.