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Enigma Enciphering Machine 1 Virtual Freeware Soft 

Games \ Puzzle

Here is the concept behind this representation of the Enigma Machine: The program uses virtual "wheels" that contain all of the printable characters on the keyboard. Think of the first wheel as the keyboard you are typing on. All of the wheels contain the same characters, but in a random, non-repeating order. Each time a character is. Freeware download of Enigma Enciphering Machine 1, size 48.13 Kb.


Enigma Encryptor Pro 1 Virtual Freeware Soft 

Utilities \ Security

What really makes this encryption effective is that like the real life machine, the wheels rotate either to the left or right after each character. So the relationship between each character shifts constantly. As a result, even repeating characters such as "AAAAAAAAAA" are represented with garbage such as "BGPVLKHWCD". It would. Freeware download of Enigma Encryptor Pro 1, size 27.65 Kb.

MicroAsm - Free Assembler IDE 1 Virtual Freeware Soft 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

MicroAsm is Integrated Development Environment for assembly programming. It includes advanced source editor and 8086 assembler. MicroAsm has a much easier syntax than any of the major assemblers, a great combination for beginners! MicroAsm is a Windows based application so you can enjoy user-friendly Windows environment. Many samples, Tutorials and. Freeware download of MicroAsm - Free Assembler IDE 1, size 799.74 Kb.

uAnimator - dynamic animation builder 1.03 Virtual Freeware Soft 

Development \ Misc. HTML Tools

uAnimator is a visual authoring tool for the creation of cross-browser animation based on DHTML and JavaScript, (both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer are supported).Animations can be inserted into Internet web pages to make presentations, web site navigation (such as popup or drop down menus) or even educational dynamic content.The program. Freeware download of uAnimator - dynamic animation builder 1.03, size 841.73 Kb.