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IDM.Net Configuration Vlasta Herudek - IDM 

Development \ Components and Libraries

Assemblies for work with .Net.Win and .Net.Web App.config inside client apllications. Collections of special basic classes responsible for getting the xml.config file, its correct division and interpretation. The component contains a strong name and may be registered into Global Assembly Cache (GAC) by means of gacutil. For instance, the classes. Free download of IDM.Net Configuration, size 241.17 Kb.


IDM.Net Config Manager Vlasta Herudek - IDM 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

Managing and processing .Net.Win and .Net.Web App.config files. The premier GUI application operating over the base libraries IDM.Net.SysLib.Configuration. It is a strong tool designed for creation, management, modifications and visualizations of user s configuration settings of .Net applications. It enables to export the chosen config as: External. Free download of IDM.Net Config Manager, size 796.92 Kb.