Products of VQ Asia Corporation Ltd.

HP Ucam 1.2 VQ Asia Corporation Ltd. 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

HP Ucam is a virtual remote control to operate specified HP f150 cameras. You can wirelessly setup your camera, take photos, shoot videos, manage albums and even go live broadcasting on cloud server.. Freeware download of HP Ucam 1.2, size 10.07 Mb.


HP Xcam 1.8.37 VQ Asia Corporation Ltd. 

Mobile \ Photo & Video

With the HP Xcam App you can now control your HP Xcam camera remotely using an iPhone. Also, you can preview and set the camera with HP Xcam App and download to your phone. Moreover, you can trim the photo and video on your phone then share up to social network with HP Xcam App.. Freeware download of HP Xcam 1.8.37, size 17.93 Mb.