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Wavosaur free wav editor Wavosaur free audio editor 

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Wavosaur is a portable digital audio editing software wich can perform visual editing, creating, recording, and playing audio files, applying various audio VST effects, format conversion, loop edition, audio analysis and more. It supports many popular audio formats : wav, mp3, etc. Use Wavosaur to master your tracks, to do sound design, to add. Free download of Wavosaur free wav editor, size 220.20 Kb.


Wavosaur audio editor Wavosaur free audio editor 

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Wavosaur is a free and efficient audio editor for Windows : do digital audio editing and recording , add VST effects, repair and clean your audio, perform various operations with audio data, change sound in real time, masters your track, process your sounds with VST effects in real-time- easy to use interface will get you started running. fast zoom. Freeware download of Wavosaur audio editor, size 218.50 Kb.