Products of WinAgents Software Group

Rhino Terminal 3.0.184 WinAgents Software Group 

Internet \ Networking

Rhino Terminal is a full-featured, convenient, and easy-to-use terminal emulation client. With Rhino Terminal you receive a flexible tool for accessing remote hosts and network devices via the TELNET and SSH protocols. Clear user interface, scripting technology and ability to connect and log on to a remote host with a single mouse click make your. Free download of Rhino Terminal 3.0.184, size 7.39 Mb.


WinAgents TFTP Server WinAgents Software Group 

Internet \ Server

We have developed WinAgents TFTP Server for people who have a need in high-stable multithreaded TFTP server for Windows platform. WinAgents TFTP Server for Windows is a full-service TFTP server realized as a Windows service. WinAgents TFTP Server runs as a background task and doesn't require permanent attendance. It is originally designed. Free download of WinAgents TFTP Server, size 4.88 Mb.

WinAgents EventLog Translation Service WinAgents Software Group 

Utilities \ Maintenance

WinAgents EventLog Translation Service is a server that monitors the Windows event logs and forwards the events for further processing. The program can forward the events to SYSLOG server or to SNMP management station. EventLog Translation Service allows you to forget about manual checking of the event logs. From now on, you can use your favorite. Free download of WinAgents EventLog Translation Service, size 2.54 Mb.

WinAgents HyperConf WinAgents Software Group 

Internet \ Networking

WinAgents HyperConf automates configuration management for your network devicesNetwork administrators working as a part of IT department frequently face with some big questions: "Who had changed device configuration before the network went down? What configuration options were changed? How to configure a new device to replace the failed. Free download of WinAgents HyperConf, size 12.41 Mb.

WinAgents MIB Browser 1 WinAgents Software Group 

Internet \ Networking

WinAgents MIB Browser is a network administrator's main tool for configuring devices with the help of the SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol). WinAgents MIB Browser allows you to read and modify the values of SNMP variables, as well as to monitor changes in these variables over time.The main program features: + Convenient user. Free download of WinAgents MIB Browser 1, size 5.39 Mb.

TFTP Server for Windows 3 WinAgents Software Group 

Internet \ FTP

Do you often need to update the software (flash image) on your network devices? How often to you need to make reserve copies of your routers? Network administrators know that to cope with everyday routine they need a reliable and secure TFTP server. WinAgents TFTP Service has been specially designed for you and guarantees the ultimate performance. Free download of TFTP Server for Windows 3, size 1.70 Mb.