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5 day Fat Burn Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd 

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Times Music brings to you Burn It, a 5 day fat burn workout video which helps burn up to 500 calories and is extremely beneficial for corporate executives and housewives. Emphasizing on Core Strengthening it is not only applicable to youngsters but to people of all ages. If you want to write a good review please do that but if you. Free download of 5 day Fat Burn, size 739.25 Mb.


Aartiyaan Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd 

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'Aartiyaan' is a collection of prayer oriented songs comprising of devotional lyrics for Hindu God and Goddess sung in the melodious voice of Suresh Wadkar and Lalitya Munshaw. Singing prayers (Aartis) has been an integral part of Hindustani (Indian) tradition and culture. The best time for Aartis are morning and evening (dawn and dusk). One can. Freeware download of Aartiyaan, size 23.70 Mb.

50 Top Nursery Rhymes Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd 

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50 Top Nursery Rhymes Audio F.I.F.T.Y. Yes! 50 most Popular Nursery Rhymes in this app. Just hit play on any rhyme and children can enjoy them instantly. NO STREAMING. NO SEPARATE downloads. 2.Hit any rhyme thumbnail and it plays. Freeware download of 50 Top Nursery Rhymes, size 35.76 Mb.

Healing chants and Mantras Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd 

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Times Wellness presents Healing chants and Mantras - Healing Mantras or slokas mentioned in the Vedas and Upanishads, and music therapy that has been a time-honoured remedy isnt new to the Indian. Where the collection gains strength is in their amalgam of mantras and ragas, both potent forces that could address the affected for the. Freeware download of Healing chants and Mantras, size 10.28 Mb.

108 Names of Ganesha Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd 

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Times music Presents 108 names of Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings, a patron of arts and sciences. We would love for you to rate us positively on the App store please. It won't even take 30 seconds & will. Free download of 108 Names of Ganesha, size 6.82 Mb.

Everyday Yoga - Daily Sutras Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd 

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This app features Daily Dynamic Sutras, a scientific & intense weekly program to give the body a wake-up call. The benefits of yoga are deep rooted. This app shows you Power Yoga techniques broken down into day by day schedules, vigorous on the body yet easy to follow. By shaking up the physical muscular body, we condition the nerve centres or. Freeware download of Everyday Yoga - Daily Sutras, size 448.79 Mb.

Hindu Devotional Rituals Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd 

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Times Group Books and Times Music's app takes you on a journey of learning and preparations of various Hindu pujas, prayers and rituals that are commonly practised by most.

Learning Mantras for Children Winjit Technologies Pvt Ltd 

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HOW MANY parents there are, who would dearly love to open their children's minds to the rich heritage of Sanskrit slokas, at the right age, but are handicapped because their own knowledge is scrappy or scanty. For them Times Music's new album: "Naman: Mantras for Children" will come as a Godsend. "The invisible vibrations they. Freeware download of Learning Mantras for Children, size 66.17 Mb.