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MegaLines 1.2 XComsoft 

Games \ Puzzle

MegaLines 1.2 is an amusing logic game, the objective of which is to gain the maximum scores by arranging 5 or more balls of the same color into lines (Default mode). As a result of such arranging the line of balls disappears the score grows and 3 more balls appear on the game field. The game is finished when all the field is filled with the balls,. Free download of MegaLines 1.2, size 558.08 Kb.


NetMaster 1 XComsoft 

Games \ Puzzle

Build your own network! You can build a branch of network by connecting cables and T-connectors with each other (the end of one cable or T-connector with the beginning of neighboring cable or T-connector). Every computer has its own cable to be connected straight to the server or by the network of cables and T-connectors. You can turn bent or. Free download of NetMaster 1, size 792.58 Kb.

Puzzle4Pack 1 XComsoft 

Games \ Puzzle

Puzzle4Pack consists of four popular puzzle games by XComsoft andnow available at extremely low price! You may install the whole pack or each game separately. Please do not forget to register each copy using the registration codes enclosed in the Puzzler4Pack. Hope your enjoy XComsoft's Puzzle4Pack! . Free download of Puzzle4Pack 1, size 1.96 Mb.

Sokoban 1.2 XComsoft 

Games \ Puzzle

This is Pocket PC variation of the world wide known classical Sokoban. Your objective is to put the objects into the marked places. Though you might think that you have got yourself into a troublesome situation, don’t give up! The undo button will always help you! Increase your skills and intuition from level to level! There are 500 levels. Free download of Sokoban 1.2, size 727.04 Kb.

MemBlocks 1 XComsoft 

Games \ Puzzle

Train your visual memory while you have a free minute. Opening pictures on the board, try to find the same images, after that this couple will disappear. Your task is to clear up the board in the shortest possible period of time. . Free download of MemBlocks 1, size 648.19 Kb.

MegaClicks 1 XComsoft 

Games \ Puzzle

An easy, an amusing and a beautiful puzzle at the same time. The objective of it is to leave the less number of items on the game field having done the minimum clicks on them. Click on the cellblocks of the same color arranged not in a diagonal line and they will disappear changing the color scheme and providing different variants to continue the. Free download of MegaClicks 1, size 242.69 Kb.

Game15 1.1 XComsoft 

Games \ Puzzle

Game15 will refresh your memory and ingenuity! Moving blocks on the field, you should order their arrangement according to the increase of numbers, beginning from the top left (or construct some pictures depending on Theme). You can move several blocks at a time. If you think that it is too difficult and you can not solve the problem, change your. Free download of Game15 1.1, size 515.07 Kb.

XColumns 1.2 XComsoft 

Games \ Puzzle

XColumns is a single-player game in which one attempts to manipulate multicolored tiles in order to form sequences of three boxes of the same color - arranged horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The playing tiles drop from the top of the screen, and are comprised of 3 boxes arranged in a column - each box has one of 6 possible colors. Tiles. Free download of XColumns 1.2, size 407.55 Kb.

mCalc 1 XComsoft 

Utilities \ Calculators

mCalc is a floating scalable calculator combining a standard calculator and functions of Tax calculation and Currency Conversion. With mCalc you can perfom calculations on the fly over the active application! When you are finished with the calculation, you are back to your application with just one tap. mCalc icon in Command Bar makes mCalc easily. Free download of mCalc 1, size 215.04 Kb.