Products of Xtreme-LAb

7GIF Xtreme-LAb 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

7GIF is a full features animated GIFs player for Windows. Windows lacks a real player for these files, this is why 7GIF was born. With 7GIF you will be able to display and play back. Freeware download of 7GIF, size 1.03 Mb.


GFXplorer Xtreme-LAb 

Utilities \ Optimizers & Diagnostics

GFXplorer is a software designed to allow its user to find, or just to have at hand, all the most important technical information, both hardware and software, of a PC. Thanks to the tabs based user interface and the various categories available, all the information are easy and fast to read, and if reading is not enough: you can export all. Free download of GFXplorer, size 929.34 Kb.

XtremeMark Xtreme-LAb 

Utilities \ Optimizers & Diagnostics

In some situations it can be useful, even just out for mere curiosity, to know more about your computer's performance and more precisely how fast it is: to this end it is necessary to run a specific type of software known as a "benchmark". XtremeMark is a software of this kind and it will test the speed of your PC and in particular that. Freeware download of XtremeMark, size 870.90 Kb.

InFile Seeker Xtreme-LAb 

Utilities \ Text

InFile Seeker is a friendly tool designed to search for words or entire sentencesstrings inside a huge amount of text-based files. Developed to meet especially software developers and webmasters needs, InFile Seeker allows you to perform a quick and precise search inside all files found in a specific folder and its subfolders. You will have the. Freeware download of InFile Seeker, size 854.57 Kb.

Thumbs Remover Xtreme-LAb 

Utilities \ Disk Cleaners

Thumbs Remover is a user-friendly software designed to clean up thumbs.db preview files stored on your PC. They're hidden archives storing preview images about the content of one or more folders: their purpose is to improve the opening performance of folders and they are created by all the latest. Freeware download of Thumbs Remover, size 836.23 Kb.