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SQL Verify Yohz Software 

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SQL Verify was created with the aim of providing you, a SQL Server DBA, the means to verify your SQL Server backups easily and reliably. The basic idea is that you cannot rely on RESTORE VERIFYONLY to validate your backup files (we explain why here). You need to restore the backup sets to really gain the confidence that your backup sets. Free download of SQL Verify, size 0 b.


Crunch Time Reporter Yohz Software 

Security & Privacy

Crunch Time Reporter is an application that periodically takes a snapshot of your computer activities, so that you may later review and analyse how your time was spent. Perfect for people who need to fill out timesheets or account for their working hours in detail. Computer activity can be analysed by categories, and you can also define. Free download of Crunch Time Reporter, size 0 b.

SQL Data Sets Yohz Software 

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SQL Data Sets lets you save the results of your database queries in a single file called a 'package’, which can be opened by anyone using SQL Data Sets, or the FREE SQL Data Sets Viewer, without the need to install any other software. Of course, you can also protect your package files with passwords, to prevent unauthorised access.

SQL Data Sets Viewer Yohz Software 

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With the help of SQL Data Sets Viewer you'll be able to quickly load and view the contents of SDP (SQL Data Sets) files. . Free download of SQL Data Sets Viewer, size 0 b.

SQL BAK Reader Yohz Software 

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SQL BAK Reader is a WIndows application that can display the details of a SQL Server backup file, without requiring an instance of SQL Server to be available. It obtains the backup information directly from the header of each backup set that is stored in the backup file. Useful when you do not have access to a SQL Server instance and. Free download of SQL BAK Reader, size 0 b.

T-Log Info Yohz Software 

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T-Log Info is a Windows application that gives you a snapshot of the status of your SQL Server transaction logs. Using T-Log Info, you can quickly see the size and % utilization of each databases’ transaction log, the number of virtual log files (VLF) in each log file, the reason the transaction log cannot be truncated and. Free download of T-Log Info, size 0 b.