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Arcade Scramble 1.0 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Try to form words by re-arranging the given letters in this scramble word game. Save and replay games.. Free download of Arcade Scramble 1.0, size 1.69 Mb.


Logic Mahjong 1.0 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Board Games

Logical Mahjong is a single player board game / puzzle game. (also known as Kadai games, pile o tiles, same tiles game). The game is based on Chinese mahjong board game, and has been modernized to suit computer puzzle lovers.In this game, you have to remove identical pair of tiles from a given mahjong board. You can remove tiles that have either. Free download of Logic Mahjong 1.0, size 1.93 Mb.

Jewel Zone 1.0 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Board Games

A Relaxing game, you can play for hours or a quick game you can finish during the coffee break. In this jewel matching puzzle game, you can swap jewels to align them in a line. When 3 or more jewels are aligned in a line, the jewels are cleared and you score points.Two game modes, Endless levels with hundreds of backdrops, exquisite jewel graphics. Free download of Jewel Zone 1.0, size 1.20 Mb.

Pix-Fit 1.0 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Place Polyomino pieces in picture-like grid shapes.The polyomino pieces are introduced at a rapid pace, so you have to be quick and accurate in placing the pieces.When you successfully complete fill the picture with pieces you win. When the pieces outpace you, you loose. The game comes in two modes, square puzzles and hexagonal. Free download of Pix-Fit 1.0, size 1.36 Mb.

Sudoku Soft-Book 1.0 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Sudoku is a recently popular number puzzle game from Japan. You need to fill the grid with numbers in such a way that all rows, columns and 3x3 squares have all digits (1-9). These puzzles are printed daily on many leading newspapers. These puzzles are classified under 3-5 difficulty levels, so you know how difficult a puzzle is, before. Free download of Sudoku Soft-Book 1.0, size 2.95 Mb.

Kakuro SoftBook 1.0 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Kakruo is a popular number puzzle game, similar to crosswords but with numbers. In this logic puzzle, the clues are sum of digits of the answer number. It Presents an intresting alternative for number game enthusiasts who likes sudoku.Yoogi Games is one of the best syndicate for logic games, esp kakuro puzzles. Our puzzles appear in leading dailies. Free download of Kakuro SoftBook 1.0, size 2.81 Mb.

Hexip 1 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Classic battleship puzzles in hexagonal grid. Find the hidden fleet in the hexagonal grid using simple logic. You could start as a cadet playing easy puzzles and reach the rank of captain to solve more challenging puzzles. Admiral (automatic solver) could help you initially to learn the trick of the trade.The hexagonal shape requires special. Free download of Hexip 1, size 2.31 Mb.

Magical Ball 1.0.2 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Arrange same color balls in a line by moving one ball at a time. When 4 or more balls are arranged in a line those balls disappear and your score will increase. There are few double color and multi color balls make it more interesting. whenever you move one ball three new balls are added. If you clear balls in succession your scores will also be. Free download of Magical Ball 1.0.2, size 1.73 Mb.

Word Link 1.0.3 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Word Link is an interesting variation of a word search puzzle. The objective of the game is to find as many words as possible from a letter grid.Improve your vocabulary by forming words from given letters by linking them. Only adjacent letters can be linked to form 3 letter to 7 letter words. The maximum number of possible words from the given set. Free download of Word Link 1.0.3, size 1.60 Mb.

Absolute Fit-Trix 1.0.2 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

In this interesting variation of tetris, you will have to think logically and place the tetris pieces in such a way that you fill rows/columns. When a row (or column) is filled, that row is cleared and you score points. Absolute Fit-Trix gives you the freedom to choose the row/column you want to fill, the piece you want to play from a list of. Free download of Absolute Fit-Trix 1.0.2, size 1.62 Mb.

Lexterity 1 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Lexterity is a crossword making board game, where you fill a grid with letters, based on crossword making rules. Single player logical word game, suitable for all ages.The game comes in two modes to make it more interesting. The same seven mode has elements of Arcade Scramble Game (Also released by Yoogi Games). You have to use the same seven. Free download of Lexterity 1, size 1.74 Mb.

Jigsaw Yoogi 1 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Puzzle

Jigsaw yoogi is a computer Jigsaw Puzzle game from Yoogi Games. You can choose variety of images supplied with the game, and customise the puzzle piece shape, the number of pieces for a picture. The game can handle high resolution images (up to 600x800), and up to 500 pieces in a game. Also all common functionalities like save and restore, optional. Free download of Jigsaw Yoogi 1, size 2.34 Mb.

Coded X-Word 1 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Board Games

This game is an interesting variation of traditional cross words. In this exiting word game, a letter is represented by a number. Cross word grid is filled with such coded numbers. Three of those numbers are decoded and provided to help you decrypt the rest. A number always represent a single letter in a game. Position of numbers to be used to find. Free download of Coded X-Word 1, size 1.87 Mb.

Buzoot 1 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Games \ Arcade Style

A simple, yet addictive ball shooting puzzle. Aim with your mouse and shoot the balls that are coming down. when you shoot the group of balls of a color, the group is blown. You can enjoy this shooting game in three ways.The standard game is based on time, where you have to fire balls quickly and stop the balls from reaching the bottom.The strategy. Free download of Buzoot 1, size 964.61 Kb.

2+ Block Buster 1 Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games 

Desktop \ Font Tools

Highly addictive logical game. Click on group of similar blocks to bust them. Constantly new tiles are added.++ Play up to 10 increasingly difficult levels.++ special game pieces like like color bombs, and Cotton blocks.++ Three game modes classic game, timed arcade game and strategical arcade game.++ 10 increasingly difficult levels. . Free download of 2+ Block Buster 1, size 1.55 Mb.