Products of Zeta Centauri

ZetaCalc 1.01 Zeta Centauri 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

For advanced users: If you have a calculator button on your keyboard, you can change it to launch ZetaCalc by changing the registry entry for Only edit your computer's. Free download of ZetaCalc 1.01, size 73.40 Kb.


Newline Remover / Adder 1.0 Zeta Centauri 

Utilities \ Text Editors

The newline removal utility is a program that lets you remove all of the newline and return characters from a piece of text. It exists because I had a simple task that was very annoying to complete -- pasting XML documents (that had newlines) into a database column in SQL Server Management Studio (which doesn't accept text with newlines).

DrumPads 1.0 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Musical Instruments

DrumPads is a virtual drum kit for Windows that lets you play drum sounds using your keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. It has 12 playable drum pads and 40 different drum samples.. Free download of DrumPads 1.0, size 307.90 Kb.

CrawlMapper 1.0 Zeta Centauri 

Web Development \ Site Administration

CrawlMapper is a tool to crawl a website and generate a text-based sitemap. It also generates a list of URLs it was unable to crawl on the site. It can be run in both GUI mode and via the command line for use in scripts and automated tasks.. Free download of CrawlMapper 1.0, size 307.90 Kb.

ZetaWord 1.04 Zeta Centauri 

Utilities \ Text Editors

ZetaWord is a text and RTF document editor for Windows. It supports cut and paste, find and replace, word count, and sorting.. Freeware download of ZetaWord 1.04, size 242.92 Kb.

PixelSwapper 1.2 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Graphic Editors

PixelSwapper is an easy to use image manipulation program that supports rotate, crop, mirror, resize, and rescale operations. It lets you convert images from one format to another, supporting PNG, TIF, XPM, BMP, ICO, PCX, IFF, PNM, TGA, and GIF images. It allows drag-and-drop and paste from clipboard to acquire images and has printing support.. Freeware download of PixelSwapper 1.2, size 1.82 Mb.

ThreeTeeth 1.1 Zeta Centauri 

Internet \ Web Browsers

ThreeTeeth is a lightweight web browser for Windows. It is designed with simplicity in mind so you can browse the web without distraction.. Freeware download of ThreeTeeth 1.1, size 302.08 Kb.

Song Length Finder 1 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ MP3 Tools

The Song Length Finder is a quick and easy tool that lets you search your music collection for songs of a certain length. Maybe you have a music compilation CD that you have to fill the last 5 minutes of. Maybe there's a movie scene that is exactly 2:17 long. Maybe you're a DJ who has to play a set that's 60 minutes long to the second. Freeware download of Song Length Finder 1, size 390.03 Kb.

Guitar Tuner 1 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

This is a simple and compact (64Kb) guitar tuner app. It uses the Windows MIDI system to sound tuning notes. It only supports EADGBE tuning.. Freeware download of Guitar Tuner 1, size 24.81 Kb.

Proxima Controller 1.1 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Musical Instruments

The Proxima Controller is an application that allows you to use the mouse and computer keyboard to play external MIDI devices such as synthesizers and tone generators. It is also possible to play internal devices if they are designed to respond to MIDI messages (for example, the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth). This application makes no sounds of. Freeware download of Proxima Controller 1.1, size 839.12 Kb.

Vorbital 3.1 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Audio Players

Vorbital is a free Ogg Vorbis, Wavpack, AIFF, SND, and Wave file player. It uses OpenAL and is small and compact in order to take up as little screen space as possible (though you can, of course, resize the window if you would like a larger playlist). The functions of most of the buttons are obvious, but just in case you can't tell at. Freeware download of Vorbital 3.1, size 6.86 Mb.

SpaceTheremin 1.01 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Musical Instruments

SpaceTheremin is a virtual mouse-controlled theremin. Unlike a standard analog theremin, which typically has a sinewave oscillator and some basic vibrato, SpaceTheremin lets you choose from six different oscillator types (sine, square, triangle, sinc, saw, and pulse). The same waveforms can also be used for vibrato and modulation. It uses OpenAL. Freeware download of SpaceTheremin 1.01, size 5.69 Mb.

QuickTileViewer 1.1 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Graphic Viewers

QuickTileViewer is a tiled image viewer for textures that are intended for games and 3D graphics. It lets you quickly preview how PNG, TIF, XPM, BMP, ICO, PCX, TGA, and GIF textures will look in a tiled environment. Has printing support.. Freeware download of QuickTileViewer 1.1, size 5.14 Mb.

Bass Tuner 1 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

This is a simple and compact (64Kb) bass guitar tuner app written using the Windows MIDI system. It supports six-string basses, but it only supports BEADGC tuning.. Freeware download of Bass Tuner 1, size 24.81 Kb.

RoboBlather 1 Zeta Centauri 

Multimedia \ Sound Tools

RoboBlather is a text-to-speech application written using .NET 3.0. Rendered speech can be saved to a .WAV file and both talking speed and speech synthesis voice are user-selectable.. Freeware download of RoboBlather 1, size 492.05 Kb.