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Zittergie Coin Catalog 0.90XML6a Zittergie's 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Zittergie Coin Catalog allows you to create extensive coin catalogs and manage your collections. It's multi-lingual and can create coin collections for multiple regions. Create coin catalogs and keep track of your collection! You get a quick overview of all of the different coins from one country, value for different grades, mintage,. Free download of Zittergie Coin Catalog 0.90XML6a, size 0 b.


XIX Music Player 0.08a Zittergie's 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

XIX Music Player is an easy to use and lightweight audio player that supports MP3 and FLAC files. . Free download of XIX Music Player 0.08a, size 0 b.

Create a Coin Catalog 0.03 Zittergie's 

Education \ Miscellaneous

Create a Coin Catalog is a simple application that allows you to create coin catalogs. It generates XML files that can be used with Zittergie Coin Catalog. . Free download of Create a Coin Catalog 0.03, size 0 b.