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Active Directory RecoveryManager Plus ZOHO Corp 

Utilities \ Backup Tools

RecoveryManager Plus is a web-based Windows Active Directory backup and recovery tool which offers flexible options for active directory backup and restore in on-premise and on-demand variants. The different backup and recovery features, online recovery and the easy to use interface make RecoveryManager Plus a great active directory backup and. Free download of Active Directory RecoveryManager Plus, size 262.14 Mb.


SQLDBManager Plus 1.0 ZOHO Corp 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus is a Microsoft SQL Server monitoring tool targeted towards SQL Database Administrators. It provides a holistic view of production databases in place and helps database administrators (DBAs) track database usage, help in capacity planning and troubleshoot any performance related issues, ensuring 24x7 uptime. How. Free download of SQLDBManager Plus 1.0, size 43.54 Mb.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP 1.0 ZOHO Corp 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a web-based Help Desk and Asset Management software which helps the managed service providers to support their customers with quality services. It offers integrated Request Management, Account Management, Asset Management, Knowledge Base, Service Level Agreements, Remote Control Management, and Purchase and Contract. Free download of ServiceDesk Plus MSP 1.0, size 43.61 Mb.

Exchange Reporter Plus (Beta) 1.0 ZOHO Corp 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for MS Exchange, providing you a profound insight on your organizationd-deOaos Exchange infrastructure. Not plain reporting for vigilance, but this solution offers mail traffic statistics & analysis, mailbox size growth rate, server usage pattern, and. Free download of Exchange Reporter Plus (Beta) 1.0, size 34.94 Mb.

Free Active Directory Tools 1.0 ZOHO Corp 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

ADManager Plus presents a free Active Directory tools package that might be quite essential for Windows Administrators and Active Directory Users. The package comprises a set of three useful tools namely, Active Directory Query Tool, Empty Password Users Report and Active Directory CSV Generator Tool. These tools are of great use and help in the. Free download of Free Active Directory Tools 1.0, size 3.32 Mb.

Windows File Server Auditing in Microsoft Server Environment 4.1 ZOHO Corp 

Multimedia \ Misc. Audio

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus addresses the security, audit and compliance demands of Active Directory, Member Servers and File Servers. The software provides detailed change information on: user and computer accounts, user activity, user and group history, group memberships, logon activity, GPO and OU changes, administrative and domain policy changes.. Free download of Windows File Server Auditing in Microsoft Server Environment 4.1, size 0 b.

OS Deployer ZOHO Corp 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

OS Deployer is a comprehensive OS deployment solution that enables organizations to capture an image of OS and applications that can be deployed to laptops and desktops rapidly and easily. OS Deployer, with its central image capturing and deployment capabilities, helps you to standardize the entire. Free download of OS Deployer, size 150.12 Mb.

OpManager Distributed Edition 1.0 ZOHO Corp 

Business \ Misc. Inf. Tools

The Distributed Edition is a scalable version of OpManager that consists of two components: the central server and the probe server. The probe servers are deployed in the remote locations where the resources are to be monitored. The central server consolidates data from all remote probe servers to provide a single, comprehensive network operating. Free download of OpManager Distributed Edition 1.0, size 52.48 Mb.

ManageEngine AssetExplorer Agent 1.0.8 ZOHO Corp 


AssetExplorer helps to keep up-to-date information of all your assets by periodically scanning the software, hardware & other ownership information. Track and manage any workstation or network devices say Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX machines, Solaris, Printers, Routers, Switches etc., in your domain or network. It offers you both. Free download of ManageEngine AssetExplorer Agent 1.0.8, size 44.00 Mb.

Zoho Desktop Plugin ZOHO Corp 


Instantly start remote session or online meeting from your desktop using Zoho Meeting desktop shortcut. Easily join online meetings without accessing Zoho Meeting URL. . Free download of Zoho Desktop Plugin, size 4.34 Mb.