Products of ZOHO Corp.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 ZOHO Corp. 

Business \ Inventory Systems

ServiceDesk Plus is a web based, easy to use Help Desk and Asset Management software which improve productivity of your IT. Freeware download of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 9.3, size 113.00 Mb.


ManageEngine Security Manager Plus 5.5 ZOHO Corp. 

Utilities \ Misc. Utils.

Security Manager Plus is a network security scanner that proactively reports on network vulnerabilities and helps to remediate them and ensure compliance. With vulnerability scanning, open ports detection, patch management and vulnerability reporting capabilities, Security Manager Plus is exactly the software you need to protect your network from. Freeware download of ManageEngine Security Manager Plus 5.5, size 34.67 Mb.

Free Syslog Forwarder 1.0 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Network Monitors

In network environment, devices generate event notification /alert messages for processes and application, based on their severity. These notification/alert messages play vital role in troubleshooting, in case of any issues to the applications running in devices or to the device itself. So it becomes imperative that these message need to be saved. Free download of Free Syslog Forwarder 1.0, size 3.15 Mb.

SwisSQL - DB2 To Oracle 1.6 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Server

SwisSQL - DB2 to Oracle Migration Tool helps you migrate IBM DB2 SQL Procedures, Functions and Triggers to Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedure language. When enterprises migrate from IBM DB2 UDB to Oracle, application migration is one of the tedious tasks and there are no good tools which can ease the process of migrating DB2 SQL Stored Procedures to. Free download of SwisSQL - DB2 To Oracle 1.6, size 15.26 Mb.

WebNMS SNMP Agent Toolkit 6.0.3 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Misc. Network

Most of the management systems are built from top to bottom either by SNMP,TL1 or HTTP.They leverage the specific facilities offered by the selected management protocol. For example,application server vendors are keen at SNMP for their management needs. Similarly TL1 is a man-machine management protocol deployed in broadband and access networks,. Free download of WebNMS SNMP Agent Toolkit 6.0.3, size 37.54 Mb.

ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk 5.0 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Misc. Network

ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk is a web based Maintenance and Facilities Management Software with asset management capabilities. The facilities management software offers you an integrated package for managing your facilities, from maintenance to space, property and move management to resources tracking to purchasing and contract management and. Free download of ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk 5.0, size 44.04 Mb.

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus 4.3 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Server

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based end-user self service password reset program. It helps domain users to self reset passwords, unlock accounts, update personal details in Active Directory and also change their existing passwords by meeting policy requirements securely. Thus it helps in a large scale to eliminate a leading. Free download of ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus 4.3, size 32.12 Mb.

WebNMS SNMP API - Free Edition 4.0.6 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Network Monitors

WebNMS SNMP API offers a comprehensive development toolkit for SNMP-based network management applications. WebNMS's SNMP stack comprises a set of powerful Java SNMP library to build real-time applications for monitoring and tracking network elements that are reliable, scalable, and OS independent.The Java SNMP library provides off-the-shelf. Freeware download of WebNMS SNMP API - Free Edition 4.0.6, size 3.28 Mb.

WebNMS Simulation Toolkit 7 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Misc. Network

WebNMS Simulation Tool comprises easy-to-use, GUI-based agent simulator and network simulator for testing, training and demonstration of network management applications. The network simulator enables network simulation of 100,000+ SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), TL1, TFTP, FTP, Telnet and Cisco IOS devices, on a single PC. It also provides the Topology Editor. Free download of WebNMS Simulation Toolkit 7, size 56.46 Mb.

WebNMS Framework Trial Edition 5 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Network Monitors

WebNMS Framework is the industry-leading network management framework for building custom Element Management System (EMS) and Network Management System (NMS) applications. WebNMS Framework is a scalable, application-centric platform that makes extensive use of state-of-the-art graphical displays to provide an intuitive and powerful network. Free download of WebNMS Framework Trial Edition 5, size 87.03 Mb.

ManageEngine QEngine WebTest 7 1 ZOHO Corp. 

Development \ Misc. Dev. Tools

ManageEngine QEngine WebTest - An extensive, platform independent web testing tools used for Web Functionality testing and Web Performance testing of web applications developed using HTML, JSP, ASP, .NET, PHP, JavaScript/VBScript, e-commerce, etc., WebTest Tool is developed using Java which facilitates portability, multiple platform support. Free download of ManageEngine QEngine WebTest 7 1, size 29.23 Mb.

ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP 7.0 ZOHO Corp. 


Desktop Central MSP is a web-based Windows Desktop Management software that helps managed service providers to efficiently manage their customers' desktops and servers. It offers integrated desktop management functions like Software Distribution, Patch Management, IT Asset Management, Remote Control, Configurations, and System Tools. Being. Free download of ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP 7.0, size 58.94 Mb.

ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro Free Edition 6 1 ZOHO Corp. 

Utilities \ Maintenance

Password Management Solution for enterprises to control access to shared administrative/privileged passwords of any 'enterprise resource' such as servers, databases, network devices, applications. PMP is centralized, web-based and enables IT managers to enforce standard password management practises such as maintaining a central repository of all. Freeware download of ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro Free Edition 6 1, size 33.55 Mb.

ManageEngine MSP Center Lite 8100 ZOHO Corp. 

Internet \ Remote Tools

MSP Center Lite is an agent based Remote Network and Systems Management solution, designed specially for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Being built on the agent-central architecture, it helps you manage Windows desktops and servers irrespective of their location, (be it the Amazon EC2 instance, dedicated servers at Rackspace or Datacenters, LAN. Freeware download of ManageEngine MSP Center Lite 8100, size 99.58 Mb.

Free VM Configuration Tool 1.0 ZOHO Corp. 


The ManageEngine's Free VMware Configuration tool is a light weight tool, can configure VMware Virtual server (VM's ) resources such as CPU, RAM or execute Power operations or change the Name of the VM'S, and also it fetches comprehensive data about the servers and its virtual machines and presents them as visually elegant graphs and. Freeware download of Free VM Configuration Tool 1.0, size 2.71 Mb.