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TypeTip 1.506 ZWLiangSoft 

Business \ Office Tools

TypeTip is an English typing supplementary tool. Its major feature is to check your spelling when you are typing. TypeTip is not designed to build into other software as a plug-in unit, but embeds itself into the low level of the Operating System, and cooperating with the Operating System directly. So, theoretically, TypeTip will work with any. Free download of TypeTip 1.506, size 5.60 Mb.


Mp3 WoYun 1.817 ZWLiangSoft 

Multimedia \ MP3 Tools

When you download Mp3 files from Internet, up to 70% of the files' names would be: 200506JHU.mp3, HILY22Y.mp3, 2203345.mp3 ... What meaningless file names !!!Using this software, 90% of these meaningless files' names can be changed to their real songs' names automatically, like: "2203345.mp3" automatically changed to "Hotel. Free download of Mp3 WoYun 1.817, size 499.71 Kb.